Summer Learning?

Summer reading lists, book reports, essays, supplemental math.  What do you have your children do, if anything over the summer?

We homeschool, and do so year round.   Learning doesn’t end for us during the summer months, but it does lighten up considerably.   We also like to get a head start on the upcoming school year so we have wiggle room for lots of unexpected days off and field trips.  

Whether public, private, home school, or other – what are your summer learning plans?

Patriotic Printables

Every year our town does a fireworks display on or near the 4th of July.  We enjoy throwing a dessert party on this day, since we live a few short blocks from the show & folks can easily walk to the event at dusk.  Everyone brings a dessert to share, we eat lots of sugar, children play lots of games, and the evening ends with fireworks celebrating our country’s independence.

HERE is my Patriotic pinboard wtih lots of fun ideas, and here are some printables I use for the event.  Enjoy!