Weekly Meals for March 5th, 2017

I haven’t posted one of these in a long, long time!  Back in the day I posted what our family would eat in a week and how much our grocery bill came to. Back then, with three little ones, the cost was usually around $100/week. Now those three babies are three hungry teenagers and the meals come to about $150/week.

Here’s what we’re eating for dinners this week for about $150:


This is a beer and mustard pulled turkey dish served with warm, soft tortillas and pico de gallo. The recipe can be found here.

Image result for Pho ga epicurious

Pho Ga is a Vietnamese chicken noodle soup! We love it because you can top it with all kinds of healthy veggies and herbs. Make it as spicy as you want. The recipe is here.

Image result for cowboy chili epicurious

Cowboy chili! Served with a salad and all kinds of tasty toppings, this one is always a favorite at our house. Recipe is here.

Image result for kidney bean etouffee epicurious

Kidney bean etouffee with a scoop of white rice in the middle. An inexpensive and protein-filled meal that goes well with a salad on the side. Find the recipe here.

Image result for spiced coconut chicken and rice epicurious

Bowls of spiced coconut chicken and rice. Recipe found here.

Image result for pulled flank steak in red wine epicurious

Mmmmm. A shredded flank steak cooked in red wine sauce. It’s spicy and, to make it Cuban-style, we add lots of sliced green olives. Recipe is here.

In addition to these fabulous dinners we will have meatball subs and salad. For lunches, everyone gets leftovers from whatever we ate the night before. And breakfasts consist of homemade granola, eggs, English muffins, pancakes, waffles, or sometimes a special dish like Dutch Baby pancakes. 

Hope this inspires you to plan ahead, shop from your grocery store’s circular, and come up with a delicious menu that will save you money!




This Week’s Groceries

This week’s groceries come to $102.54.  This includes a $10 shop-from-home fee, where I select items for my cart and then go to the store to pick up my order . The pick-up process takes about 5-10 minutes and I don’t even have to get out of the car if I don’t want to!

Here’s what my order looks like:

I love shopping from home!  It saves me time, money, and I rarely forget something I needed.

One time to the store per week makes me a very happy wife.  🙂

This Week’s Groceries

We’re eating healthy this week – and for under $100 for five hungry people.  Lots of people ask me for specifics of what we eat, where I buy it, and how much it costs.  Here’s a brief breakdown of my plan for the week.

Monday: Summer vegetable curry with Raita

Tuesday: Grilled salmon with garlic-lime butter, collards with bacon

Wednesday: Black beans with brown rice and toppings of tomatoes, cilantro, cheddar, spinach

Thursday: Grilled chicken with lemon & oregano dressing, salad

Friday: Yaki soba, a Japanese-style stir fry

Weekend: Burgers, tomato salad from garden & leftovers

And here’s how the grocery list & receipt went:

Qty Item $
1 Fresh mushrooms 2.99
1 5lb bag of carrots 3.99
1 Romaine lettuce 1.61
5 Peaches 0.31
5 Plums 1.24
1 Bag of lemons 2.49
4 Limes 0.99
1 2lb bag red grapes 1.98
1 2lb bag green grapes 1.98
1 3lb bag onions 2.99
1 Bunch scallions 0.66
1 Bok Choy 3.43
2 Cucumbers 1.58
1 Zucchini 0.73
1 Yellow Squash 1.12
1 Coffee 2.88
1 Red wine vinegar 1.25
1 Chicken broth 3.19
1 28oz can diced tomatoes 1.33
1 Cous cous 1.79
2 Frozen, chopped kale 2.58
1 Frozen bag spinach 2.00
1 Unsalted butter 2.99
1 Sour cream 1.50
10 Chobani Greek yogurts 10.00
2 Plain yogurt 1.00
1 Block cheddar cheese 1.33
4 1-lb pkgs of bacon 7.96
1 Gallon fat-free milk 2.79
1 Pkg pork loin chops 5.37
2 ½ Gallons orange juice 3.54
Miscellaneous cleaning 10.00
Miscellaneous personal 10.00

I already had many staples and pantry items like eggs, oatmeal, cereal,  & spices, and I stocked up on earlier sales for meats.  Notice, this week pork was on sale so I grabbed some  for next week.   I generally bake most of our bread. Lunches are often leftovers.

So, if you live in the area, there you have it!  You can run out to Shoprite & pick up those same items & eat lots of fresh summer fruits & veggies this week.

Groceries for the Week

Time for a grocery update!

This week I came in at about $100 which includes a $10 shop-from-home fee.  That $10  charge is SO worth it to me now.  Not only do I get to shop at 10pm in my pjs on my couch, but I don’t have to lug the 4 cases of cans that I purchased, locate the perfect produce, or get sucked into buying a bunch of stuff I might not have bought originally.  Plus, I get to watch my subtotal as I add things into my cart which keeps my budget in check.  LOVE this service!

On the menu this week:

  • Roasted pork with a dijon/rosemary crust – wrapped in bacon, Brussel sprouts, mashed potatoes
  • Clam sauce with homemade pasta (but I bought pasta just in case time doesn’t allow that day!)
  • Arroz con pollo with peas
  • Pozole with tons of veggies on top
  • Beef curry with string beans
  • Stromboli (served with Tums)

In addition we’ll have lots of fresh fruit, cereals, grains, and healthy lunches.

Planning out my meals each week prevents me from 1) going over budget, 2) going crazy scrambling for a last minute meal, and 3) serving cereal for dinner.

If you’re looking to reduce your budget, try planning your meals in advance and stocking up on sale items.  At our local grocery store, this is the twice yearly event when canned goods go on sale so I buy enough beans, chicken stock, and canned tomatoes to last till the next can sale.