{Oooooey Gooooey} Rocky Road Brownies

These are the ooooiest, gooooiest, chocolatiest, peanut butteriest, marshmallowiest brownies you’ll ever bake.  And yes, spell check stubbornly disapproves of all of those perfectly descriptive adjectives!

Here’s how to make these simple &  fabulous brownies in a flash:

1.  Mix up a batch of  your favorite boxed or from-scratch brownies.

2. Gracefully stir in a few hands full of chocolate chips.

3.  Bake till just done.

4.  While warm, but not hot, frost with canned or homemade chocolate frosting – just enough to cover the gooey brownies nicely.

5.  Add dollops of peanut butter and dollops of  marshmallow fluff all over the melty, chocolatey top.  {I used extra chunky p.b.}

6.  Using a knife, artistically &  skillfully {pretend if you must!} spread the toppings together making a pretty swirly effect.  Or just smoosh it around like I did  ’cause it won’t affect the taste one bit!

Send a batch of these into work with your husband and he might get a raise.  Or if that doesn’t work share them with some grateful children who will smother you with kisses and hugs afterward {just as rewarding in my opinion!}.


{Thank you to my neighbor Gabi for introducing these tempting treats into our lives! }