New Time Traveler’s Available {WWII}

I love, love, LOVE supplementing our history studies with these Homeschool in the Wood’s Time Travelers series.  We’ve made beautiful lapbooks & had some fun hands-on learning projects to keep us active. I can’t say enough about Amy Pak’s graphics:   they’re well-done, neat, and classic.

Click the photo above to go to HTTA’s WWII product page.

Did I mention I love this series!?  The program comes with a timeline, notebooking & lapbooking activities, recipes, games, projects, and plans for a Victory Day celebration.  Next to the beauty of this curriculum, I love the price:  $28.95.

The series is recommended for grades 3-8.


{I’m not affiliated with HTTA in any way.  I just LOVE their stuff!  Check out the time lines too.}

Raising Dogs for the Blind

As many of you know our family fosters puppies for The Seeing Eye, a foundation that trains dogs to assist seeing impaired people in their day-to-day lives.

The Seeing Eye, Inc. is the oldest existing dog guide school in the world. Twelve times a year, as many as 24 students at a time visit the Morristown, N.J. campus to discover the exhilarating experience of traveling with a Seeing Eye dog.

Being a Puppy Raiser for The Seeing Eye is a wonderful and rewarding experience!  Children learn both responsibility and the loving act of giving.  These books helped our family learn more about fostering puppies & would make a great lesson for anyone interested in dogs.

Click HERE to learn how you can help The Seeing Eye as they breed and train dogs  for the instruction of their blind students.

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Creche Nativity Craft

With materials that you will likely have around your house, you can make this adorable creche manger scene with puppets and all.

Homemade creche nativity scene

Check if you have these materials on hand and then click HERE for the instructions:
  • 3 pipe cleaners (2 skin-colored, 1 brown)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • 4 to 8 feet (less for a male, more for a female) of bulky-weight, hair-colored yarn (we used Lion Brand Homespun)
  • 3 to 4 jumbo cotton balls, unrolled
  • About 8 feet of skin-colored worsted-weight yarn
  • Tacky glue
  • About 20 feet of clothing-colored yarn (use a bulky-weight yarn like those suggested for the hair)
  • 5-mm sequin for eyes

Free Typing Website

Typing is a skill needed at an earlier age than when I was growing up.  Even though my children don’t believe there were even typewriters when I was a child, I learned to type in high school.  Yeah, that and electricity wasn’t around. Nowadays, kids start using the computer for research and other activities in elementary school.  Back in my day I had to walk uphill both ways to the library to unroll dusty scrolls according to my children!

The BBC has an excellent, as well as free, website for teaching children to type.  The interactive pages are colorful, challenging, musical, and funny.  My kids have had a blast learning to type!

Children progress through levels which begin with the home row keys and graduate with the full keyboard.  Worksheets are available to print so you can practice typing offline.  Flash plug-in is required.  If your computer doesn’t already have this popular player, it is easily downloaded for free from the typing site.

What programs have you used to teach your children typing?

Online Advent Calendar

Have you ever been to TeachingMom’s Advent Calendar?  It’s an online version of the ever popular record of the 25 days leading to Christmas.

From the website:

Every day on the TeachingMOM Advent Calendar is full of goodies to help you and your family create some wonderful traditions this Advent and Christmas, as well as have some good old-fashioned fun! You’ll probably learn a few interesting facts about the season as well. We’ve collected some of the best on the net–and your public library!–for you all in one convenient spot. But don’t feel that you should be doing everything listed on each day!

The Advent Calendar was made to be used over again for as many years as you can get something out of it. So you probably won’t light the Advent candles, do a Jesse Tree AND make Chrismon ornaments all in the same year. And you may not have time for all of the “Advent Extras” I’ve thrown in! Don’t worry. The Advent Calendar will be here for years to come and I’ll update the links and make appropriate changes each year. So relax, choose some fun things to study and do, and enjoy! God bless you this Christmas. ~Leigh Ann

Although the site’s calendar remains on the year 2008, it is still quite usable.   Enjoy this Christian holiday resource!