A Clean Toilet!

You know all those fancy websites where the bloggers have pictures of their beautiful homes and all the neat DIY projects they do, and of the decorating for different seasons, and of the creative ideas they accomplish for dinner and crafts? Well, this isn’t one of those blogs! (Though I enjoy learning from those sites very much) I’m happy when my head is above water, my house isn’t a disaster, laundry isn’t rotting piling in the hallways, and my family is fed.

Oh, and when the toilets are clean – which is what this short post is all about!

Goodbye toilet stains, hello new-looking bowl.

Scouring sticks.  They’re made of pumice and are the perfect non-abrasive rough surface for scraping off all that gunk that can build up in a toilet. Unfortunately you have to don a pair of rubber gloves and roll up your sleeves to avoid splashing yourself when you plunge your hands in the bowl. But with a little elbow grease you can pretty easily remove all the stains and build-up that have collected.

Pumice stone for multiple household uses.

First I cleaned the toilet with comet and a scrub brush so I wasn’t working in super gross conditions. Then I put on gloves and scraped away all of the toilet gunk. I had to flush a few times in between scrubs and then use comet once more, but eventually the bowl looked brand new!  Funny how little things can make us feel good.  🙂

If you have Amazon Prime you can have these little sticks in two days! If you have time, read some of the reviews for other uses. I’m trying them on my oven next.

I’d love your comments on how to get rid of that lingering smell from when boys “miss”. That’s my next problem to solve.


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