Saving Money on Your Bills

Because the cost of living is rising,  my husband and I are trying to cut back on some monthly expenses wherever possible.

Yesterday I made a few phone calls that saved us over $100/month ~ and all I had to do was just call some of our providers!  For example, our trash pick up costs are going through the roof.  After shopping around I realized we could nearly cut our current bill in half.  When I called our current provider and explained that their prices were just too high for us, they immediately offered to meet the competition’s price because we have been “loyal customers for over a decade.”

Well, this was a good thing!

So I called our phone company (we use Vonage), and discussed lowering our plan with them or even getting rid of our land line all together.  Vonage didn’t want to lose our business and again we were found to be long-time “loyal customers” who paid their bills on time.  So they also cut our bill in half and even gave us a better plan!   {By the way, if anyone wants to switch to VOiP with Vonage, feel free to use this link   &  we’ll both get a month free.  Vonage is good like that.  You can earn months  &  months free for referring people. }

I have a few more phone calls to make today as I shop around for competitive prices &  as I also simply eliminate some of the services that we can do without.

Do you have any money saving tips to share?




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