This Week’s Groceries

We’re eating healthy this week – and for under $100 for five hungry people.  Lots of people ask me for specifics of what we eat, where I buy it, and how much it costs.  Here’s a brief breakdown of my plan for the week.

Monday: Summer vegetable curry with Raita

Tuesday: Grilled salmon with garlic-lime butter, collards with bacon

Wednesday: Black beans with brown rice and toppings of tomatoes, cilantro, cheddar, spinach

Thursday: Grilled chicken with lemon & oregano dressing, salad

Friday: Yaki soba, a Japanese-style stir fry

Weekend: Burgers, tomato salad from garden & leftovers

And here’s how the grocery list & receipt went:

Qty Item $
1 Fresh mushrooms 2.99
1 5lb bag of carrots 3.99
1 Romaine lettuce 1.61
5 Peaches 0.31
5 Plums 1.24
1 Bag of lemons 2.49
4 Limes 0.99
1 2lb bag red grapes 1.98
1 2lb bag green grapes 1.98
1 3lb bag onions 2.99
1 Bunch scallions 0.66
1 Bok Choy 3.43
2 Cucumbers 1.58
1 Zucchini 0.73
1 Yellow Squash 1.12
1 Coffee 2.88
1 Red wine vinegar 1.25
1 Chicken broth 3.19
1 28oz can diced tomatoes 1.33
1 Cous cous 1.79
2 Frozen, chopped kale 2.58
1 Frozen bag spinach 2.00
1 Unsalted butter 2.99
1 Sour cream 1.50
10 Chobani Greek yogurts 10.00
2 Plain yogurt 1.00
1 Block cheddar cheese 1.33
4 1-lb pkgs of bacon 7.96
1 Gallon fat-free milk 2.79
1 Pkg pork loin chops 5.37
2 ½ Gallons orange juice 3.54
Miscellaneous cleaning 10.00
Miscellaneous personal 10.00

I already had many staples and pantry items like eggs, oatmeal, cereal,  & spices, and I stocked up on earlier sales for meats.  Notice, this week pork was on sale so I grabbed some  for next week.   I generally bake most of our bread. Lunches are often leftovers.

So, if you live in the area, there you have it!  You can run out to Shoprite & pick up those same items & eat lots of fresh summer fruits & veggies this week.

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