Gifts from the Heart…

This year I decided to make many of the people on my list a homemade gift.  I have never done this before but was always intrigued by the endless possibilities…soup mixes, cookie mixes, soaps, creams, candles, even relishes!

I decided to make cookie mixes because let’s face it, who doesn’t love cookies!  I used this recipe from Bakerella

I layered all the dry ingredients a mason jar like shown and attached a gingerbread cookie cutter and recipe card.  On the recipe card I indicated what wet ingredients would need to be added and how to bake the cookies.  I used some pretty gold metallic string and simply tied the items to the jar.  I couldn’t find a material that I liked for the top of the jar so I just put “Merry Christmas” stickers on the lids.  I wrapped it with red tissue paper and put it in a white gift tote along with some candy canes and hot cocoa mixes.

Today I came across some other great ideas from Paula Deen. I think the Vanilla Coffee Syrup is my favorite (check out the fun pump dispenser you can put it in!)  I might even decide to make these next year for family and friends!  But shhhhh!  Don’t tell anyone! 🙂

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