18 Reasons to Try Grocery Shopping From Home

Grocery shopping from home doesn’t get much easier.  Here are 18 reasons why I think everyone should try it at least once:

Add things to your cart as you run out: Just used the last of your sugar?  Go add it to your online cart so it’s there when you’re ready to check out.  Never forget to buy something again!

Add things as you peruse your cookbooks: Wanting to make a delicious chocolate cake?  As you sit with your cookbooks, add ingredients to your cart so you will be sure to have them on hand.

Shop 24/7: Up at 2am?  Do your grocery shopping!

No more impulse buying: If you’ve ever gone grocery shopping with your excellent husband who happens to be hungry, you’ll know what I mean.  You’re also not likely to add gum, candy, or magazines to your order.

Coupon shopping just got easier: Instead of standing in front of the Rice-a-Roni with a blank stare trying to find the right quantity and size, let someone else do it for you.  Organize your coupons at home, or use a cool site like Coupon Mom, take your time and get the best deals possible – all while sipping tea and wearing your jammies.

Sipping tea and wearing your jammies while grocery shopping – ‘Nuf said.

Weather doesn’t matter:  Pouring rain, driving snow, heat and humidity.  Let the delivery service worry about it. Not you.  Their refrigerated trucks are as good as the Postal service in rain, sleet, and snow.

Too sick to shop: You can have your groceries delivered if your family is in the middle of the stomach flu (ewwwww), chickenpox, or even if you just think you might have sniffled once yesterday.

Have your children help: My children love helping me add things to our cart.  They have learned how to find the best prices and how to spend the money we’ve been given wisely.

Great selections: Your grocery delivery service usually offers everything, if not more, than the grocery store itself.

Excellent produce: The grocery shoppers pick out the best produce for your order, and they make it a priority to do so.  No more sifting through the apples to find ones without bruises.  I’ve even had lovely fresh flowers delivered with my food.

Good substitutions: Most services give you the option to allow substitutions.  So if the store is out of Acme white rice, they will substitute Goya instead.

Staying in your budget: Even with the delivery charge I find it easier to stay in budget when I grocery shop online.  You can keep track of how much is in your cart *and* ask yourself if you really need an item.

Best prices: I shop by unit price.  This could not be easier when shopping online.  Price comparisons are a snap (or a click!).

Heavy stuff: Let the polite, younger-than-we-are delivery people bring in your 25lb bag of dog food.

Pay yourself by the hour: If it’s worth the $10 delivery charge because it takes you 2 hours to shop (door-to-door), then try it! You’re only making $5/hr for your 2 hour effort.

Shopping lists: Most online services offer a saved grocery list.  So next time you shop, your most used items are already in your cart waiting (if you choose).

Label reading: PeaPod and other online services are offering something called NutriFilter that finds foods based on your nutritional needs.

None of this to say that the grocery store should be avoided.  But shopping from home sure is convenient, time-saving, and enjoyable.  And since it can be done while staying well within your budget, it’s worth a try!  According to PeaPod’s website, they are offering your first few delivery charges for free as well as $$ off your first order.

Have you shopped from home?  Leave a comment and share your experiences.


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5 thoughts on “18 Reasons to Try Grocery Shopping From Home

  1. You may have left my favorite out…they call you just before you either pick up or they deliver your order with out of stocks…then here is the best part…they ask you what else they can get you…so even if you forgot something you get that second opportunity to remember! The shoppers also get to know you…what you like…what you don’t like…even what you meant by a note next to an item. It is the best…great article Michele!

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