Weekly Grocery Budget and Menu

Lots of ladies have really neat sites on how to save money on groceries, like here and here and here to name only three.  They save a LOT.  I don’t come close, but do try to maintain a weekly budget of $90-$120 for groceries, usually spending toward the higher end but often enough at the lower end.  When I want to be killer frugal, I spend about $90 for our family of five.  This number includes food, toiletries, paper & cleaning products.

We love to eat.  And we’re not picky.  Here’s what on our menu this week:

Breakfasts: Pancakes, waffles, oat cereal, eggs, bread

Lunches: Leftovers, mac-n-cheese, pbj, yogurts, fruits, veggies, cheeses and crackers

Dinners: Grilled Asian Chicken Thighs (with a plum/soy sauce) with broccoli slaw, Sausage & peppers (from garden) with pasta and salad, Crab salad sandwiches with pickles and corn, Italian hot dogs with potatoes, peppers, and onions and spinach salad, and a veggie chili (from the freezer) with spinach and bacon salad

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