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I have very few memory cells left.  Ask anyone who knows me – especially my children.  Actually, I think it’s their fault that my memory eludes me more often than not but that’s another post!  I have a theory that age + pregnancies = depleted memory banks.

Where was I again?  Oh yeah – memory!  When my friend Mary approached me about memorizing the entire chapter of 1 Peter chapter 4 I laughed out loud.  After all I can barely get my own children’s names right half the time.  But Mary encouraged me to give it a try and assured me I’d be blessed.

She was right.  I asked the Lord for help in memorizing the chapter and He graciously guided me along every step of the way.  And sure enough I was blessed beyond belief. Do you realize how much you really understand what God has for you in His Word when you know the location of every little preposition?  And boy did He use a lot of prepositions when inspiring the Bible!

Pray about what the Lord would have you memorize and seek His help in the actual work of it.  Print out the verses and stick them in your pocket, your purse, on your mirror, or wherever you’ll be able to easily glance at them as you go about your day.

My next chapter to memorize?  Romans chapter 12. I encourage you to find the time to memorize scripture.  You too will be blessed by His awesome Word.

Now, what was I supposed to do after this post . . . ?

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